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Workplace injuries are a common occurrence in Anne Arundel County. When workers are injured the process of filing for and obtaining workers’ compensation may feel confusing and uncertain. A seasoned attorney could help you with determining the validity of a workers’ compensation claim in Anne Arundel County. A workers’ compensation lawyer could also provide counsel regarding the benefits that may be available and help you gather all documentation and records needed to support your claim for compensation.

Common Reasons for Serious Workplace Injuries

There are a variety of circumstances which could give rise to a valid workers’ compensation claim in Anne Arundel County. Common factors in serious workplace injuries include falls from great heights, broken bones, back or spinal cord injuries from machinery accidents, and workplace explosions.

Sometimes, the negligence of a third party may also contribute to the workers’ injuries. While workers are usually barred from suing their own employer for compensation, additional damages may be available in a successful third party personal injury claim.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims in Anne Arundel County

Maryland law recognizes two distinct types of workers’ compensation claims — those involving accidental personal injuries and claims pertaining to illness sustained due to occupational hazards, per Maryland Code § 9-101. An accidental injury occurs when an unforeseen incident happens while the worker is performing their job role that inflicts physical or mental harm upon the individual.

On the other hand, an occupational illness does not necessarily involve one specific occurrence. Rather, an occupational illness refers to an injury or disease sustained by the worker due to exposure to the inherent hazards of the employment. For a worker’s claim in Anne Arundel County to be considered valid and merit compensation, the injury must fall into one of these two categories.

There is often overlap between whether the circumstances qualify as an accidental injury or an occupational disease. Because there are important differences between how these two types of claims are treated and handled, only an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can understand the subtleties and know which may be best for the claimant to choose.

An Overview of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There are four distinct categories of monetary workers’ compensation benefits which may be awarded to injured employees. These benefits are intended to cover the worker’s present and future loss of earning capacity. The four types of workers’ compensation benefits are temporary partial disability, temporary total disability, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability.

In active treatment: When a worker’s injuries hinder them from working full-time or conducting all of their job tasks and they are consequently earning less, they may be entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. If a worker cannot return to their job for and is not working at all, they may receive temporary total disability benefits comprising two-third of their average pre-injury weekly earnings. However, neither of these benefits may surpass the maximum weekly benefit limit outlined by Maryland law.

In cases where a worker’s injuries cause some form of irreparable disability but do not completely prevent them from working, they may receive permanent partial disability benefits. The value of the benefit awarded would depend on the nature of the injury and when the injury occurred, subject to the maximum benefit amount established by Maryland law. Finally, when an accident injury or occupational disease totally disables the worker, they may receive lifetime permanent total disability benefits comprising two-third of their average weekly wage.

Get Guidance From an Attorney to Determine the Validity of an Anne Arundel County Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you need help determining the validity of a workers’ compensation claim in Anne Arundel County, a workers’ compensation attorney may be able to assist. A lawyer could review the details of your injury to help you determine whether you qualify for workers’ compensation coverage and fight for the maximum benefit you may be entitled to.

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