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Nothing Can Stand Against the Law Champion

Slaying Your Legal Concerns Since 1991

A Lawyer. A Gladiator. A Stick-Fighter. A Champion.

Maryland Workers’ Compensation and Criminal Defense Lawyer

In a world where you must fight to get what you deserve, you deserve a warrior who will never give up. Upon his powerful motorcycle steed of justice, Mitchell A. Greenberg, the LawChampion, rides on your behalf! In the courtroom, he gives no quarter. In negotiations, he allows no retreat. You shall know justice. Your opponents shall know defeat!

The labors and injuries of the righteous are oft-overlooked by the people around them to a severe disservice. Maryland laws, however, make allowances for injured workers to heal. And yet, when injured employees face the challenges that come with workers’ compensation, they feel they must do it alone.

But they do not. A Maryland workers’ compensation lawyer could help you secure the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. If you have injured yourself at work, this experienced attorney is here to ensure that you receive your entitled and necessary benefits!

Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits

An employer usually must carry coverage for workers’ compensation, which will provide for those injured in carrying out their duties with:

  • Wage replacement: The wages lost as you heal could devastate your budgets, but fear not for you are entitled to financial assistance while you recover!
  • Medical treatment: The payment for your healing comes from the insurer your employer uses for workers’ compensation. You would not have to bear this burden yourself.
  • Permanent disability: If your injuries are more comprehensive and long-lasting you may find yourself entitled to additional benefits.
  • Death benefits: Should a worker lose their life due to a workplace injury, their families have rights to compensation.

Though these are guaranteed benefits, that does not mean that the road will be easy. Your insurer and employer may do everything possible to avoid their duties. An experienced attorney could hold them accountable! Your injuries could be protected by the glowing blade of justice wielded by a lawyer who cares.

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The Process of Filing a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claim

There are multiple steps in the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim in Maryland. The time frame for taking each step is short, and it is crucial to avoid missing deadlines. An attorney could help a Maryland resident ensure they comply with all workers’ compensation deadlines.

Notifying the Employer

The first step following a workplace accident is for the injured employee to notify their employer. The notification does not have to come directly from the employee, and it could be made to the business owner or direct supervisor. The notification could be in oral or written form. A worker must submit the notice to their employer within ten days of the injury. If the accident involves a fatal work accident, the surviving family has 30 days to notify the employer. In the case of workplace illness, a worker has one year from the date it is discovered to notify their employer.

Filing a Claim

Next, an injured worker must file a claim with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. In addition to the claim form, a worker must also include a physician’s report if it is available. Following a workplace injury, a worker has 60 days to file their claim. The deadline for an occupational illness is two years from the date it was discovered.

Insurer’s Decision

After the filing of a claim, the employer’s insurance company has 21 days to either accept or deny the claim. If they accept the claim, the employee would receive benefits payments in a matter of days. However, a denial ends a worker’s claim unless they appeal the decision.

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An Attorney Forged by Hard-Won Experience

Since the year of 1991, Mitchell A. Greenberg has championed the causes of clients in Maryland. He is a man of the people, and learns your problems so that, as a team, you and he will be the last ones standing on the battlefield.

An Unquenchable Thirst for Justice! If you are facing legal challenges, your choice is clear. Tales have been sung of the deeds of justice’s noble gladiator in:

  • Defending those unjustly accused of crime
  • Championing the rights of injured workers
  • Serving the cause of righteousness in personal injury
  • Battling for those suffering from medical malpractice

His office is adorned with the keepsakes of many a crusade for worthy causes. Let him do battle with your legal problems.
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Mitchell A. Greenberg

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How a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Attorney Could Help

There are countless ways a Maryland workers compensation lawyer could benefit you during the claims process. An attorney could help you prepare your claim form, advising you of any potential pitfalls along the way.

If you or the insurance company request a hearing on your claim, your workers’ compensation attorney could represent your interests. Call today to ensure your claim is protected.

With an unsatiated thirst for justice, the LawChampion approaches his cases with the aggressive posture of an ancient gladiator preparing for battle. From day one, we will attack your case with the time, preparation, and assertiveness that it deserves.