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The Law Office Of Mitchell A. Greenberg

7310 Ritchie Highway, #704 Glen Burnie, MD 21061 USA

Phone: (443) 672-8529

Mitchell Greenberg

The Law Office Of Mitchell A. Greenberg

7310 Ritchie Highway


Glen Burnie, MD 21061 USA

Phone - (443) 672-8529


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The Law Office Of Mitchell A. Greenberg

Since 1991, Mitchell Greenberg has handled criminal defense, workers' compensation and personal injury cases in Maryland and Washington, DC. He has handled 12 murder cases, tried 4, and has won them all. His expertise in handling other criminal matters, from DUI and traffic offenses to assaults to major state and federal drug cases is well-known and, working with his family, he has won million dollar verdicts in car crashes and medical malpractice cases.

Despite these accomplishments, he is perhaps best known for his skill and tenacity in workers' compensation claims. He is a regular speaker and presenter on the subject and, in 2013 obtained 5 of the highest disability settlements/awards in Maryland.

Services Include:
- Workers' Compensation
- Criminal Defense
- DUI/DWI and other serious Traffic Offenses
- Personal Injury
- Motor Vehicle Crashes
- Drug Charges
- Motor Vehicle Administration Hearings
- Special Education Law


In medieval times, knights championed the cause of the needy and those who had been poorly-treated by the rulers. As a champion, the highly-trained knight fought in the place of the accused, protecting him and gaining his needs. The spirit of knighthood lives on, so let Mitchell be your champion!

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Mitchell Greenberg
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