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The LawChampion Defends Drunk Driving

All people make mistakes. Drunk driving is but another of them, and it has dire consequences that must be addressed. If you are arrested for drunk driving, it may feel like the full might of Maryland law is against you. You are not alone. You have a champion with you.

For defense of driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, there is no firm quite like The Law Offices Of Mitchell A. Greenberg. The Law Champion is a defender of the people, fighting for their rights with vigor and perseverance. He will undertake a glorious quest for your protection.

The Battle To Defend You Is Begun!

In Maryland, your drunk driving charges are serious and depend on your blood alcohol content (BAC) level. The penalties for DUI, with a BAC over .08, are serious and change if you have a previous record.

  • First offense: You face a fine of $1000 and the possibility of one year in jail, as well as license revocation for up to six months.
  • Second offense: The fine raises to $2000, with two years imprisonment and loss of license for up to a year
  • For multiple convictions within five years: Your license will be suspended for at least one year, and your car will be outfitted with an ignition interlock device.

If your BAC is below .07, you face a DWI charge, which has lesser penalties, but still includes large fines, license suspension and possible jail time.

The Law Champion promises to fight these charges at their basis. He strives to build the best result for your charge and do battle with the prosecution in court to defend your rights.

A Confident Gladiator In Drunk Driving Defense

Justice’s Gladiator, attorney Mitchell Greenberg, has built a reputation for strength and a great deal of confidence. Your charges are serious, and he will fight for your future with every edge available. None shall defend you the way that the lawyer called the Law Champion shall! Contact him today in the land of Glen Burnie for a free consultation at 443-672-2467 or by email.