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Championing For Justice Is A Full-Time Job

Those who police the laws of this state of Maryland have great power. Those getting policed, however, the citizenry of Glen Burnie and beyond, have little. They are subject to the whims and injustices of those who are meant to keep the peace. And it can feel like they have nowhere to turn.

BEHOLD! Justice’s Gladiator, attorney Mitchell A. Greenberg, adorned in the armor of law and astride a Ducati destrier of defense, joins the fray on your behalf. There shall be no mercy shown to the opposition because the stakes are your future and freedom.

Accusations Wither Beneath His Righteousness

People accused of crimes have many options. There shall always be those who cross the line with the law. Mistakes of this kind need not devastate the life you have. You are born in this country and are protected by many rights.

Attorney Mitchell A. Greenberg, the LawChampion, ensures those rights in such concerns as:

  • Violations of the laws governing our roads such as speeding and other traffic infractions
  • Theft and breaking and entering another’s premises
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances
  • Possession and sale of illegal substances
  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Sex offense accusations

No matter what it is you have done or been accused of, Justice’s Gladiator is there for your protection. He will lead the charge to face your charges, as a warrior should.

His reputation as an aggressive defender of your liberty is known throughout the land.

Defense Built On Experience And Confidence

When you need the help of a lawyer, you want one who does not quibble with uncertainty. It is a fight for your future that you are facing, and deserve a warrior. Contact The Law Office Of Mitchell A. Greenberg for a free consultation by calling 443-672-2467 or using this email form.